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Welcome to the new TBIRD System

TBIRD is a new system that allows you to search Animal, Plant, Weeds and Wildlife based entry conditions for imports into Tasmania. Improving access to information for both members of the public and commercial importers alike.

Please keep an eye on this site over the coming months as we continue to make improvements in an effort to provide a better service to clients who wish to import items into Tasmania. If you have any suggestions, would like to report any issues or provide feedback please make contact with us at: we would value your contribution.

Please note that TBIRD is a new product and while we have sought to include a full range of commodities into the system, we may have missed something. If your search does not return a result please have a look at the below links for further information:

Search for Import Item

Search for the commodity you want to import. You can also search for your import by scientific name. Refer to the TBIRD Help page for tips on searching.

New Import Requirements as of 09/07/2020

Name Requirement Details Pest/Disease Risks Created on
There are no new import requirements at the moment.