General Authority - Cane Toads - Non-viable (Preserved)

The following conditions apply for the importation of preserved cane toads into Tasmania:

  • The cane toads must be dead and;
  • The importer must have a possession permit from the Wildlife Management Branch; and
  • Copies of this permit must be attached to at least one container in each shipment; and
  • The importer must observe all conditions set by the Wildlife Management Branch permit.

The importation of live cane toads (Bufo marinus) is prohibited under section 32 of the Nature Conservation Act 2002.

Possession Permit from the Wildlife Management Branch.

For more information, please contact

Wildlife Management Branch

200 Collins Street 
GPO Box 44
Phone: 03 6165 4305
Fax: 03 6173 0253

General Authority