General Authority - Sheep - For slaughter

​Sheep known to be in their final trimester of pregnancy, or showing signs of advanced pregnancy, should not be transported. Animal welfare requirements for the transport of livestock across Bass Strait are outlined in Animal Welfare Guidelines-Transport of Livestock Across Bass Strait.

Sheep for slaughter

  • A completed Health Certificate for Slaughter Sheep Entering Tasmania and National Vendor Declarations must accompany the shipment.
  • The sheep must be inspected by the owner or person in charge within 7 days prior to movement to Tasmania and must be fit to travel and free of signs of disease.
  • The owner/person in charge must declare that the sheep are consigned for immediate slaughter at a specified abattoir.
  • The sheep must be held at the specified abattoir and slaughtered within 7 days of arriving in Tasmania.

Completed Health Certificate

General Authority