Protected Wildlife

Taking protected wildlife

1.    Except as authorised by a permit under this Part, a person must not take, buy, sell or have possession of any protected wildlife or any product of protected wildlife.

Penalty:  Fine not exceeding 100 penalty units.

2.    Subregulation (1) does not apply to –

(a)        the buying, selling or having possession of a form of wildlife described in Schedule 3 or a product of that form of wildlife; or

(b)        the having possession of protected wildlife, or the product of protected wildlife, that is kept by the holder of a wildlife exhibition licence pursuant to that licence; or

(c)        the taking of a snake which a person reasonably believes may threaten the life of a person or a domestic animal; or

(d)        the taking or having possession of amphibian eggs or tadpoles; or

(e)        the taking or having possession of up to 6 adult specimens each of metallic skink, spotted skink, common froglet and brown tree frog.

3.    Also, subregulation (1) does not apply to the taking of protected wildlife, or the products of protected wildlife, by –

(a)        a person undertaking the clearance of native vegetation or the harvesting of trees in accordance with a certified forest practices plan, or a public authority management agreement, unless the Secretary, by notice in writing, requires the person to obtain a permit; or

(b)        a person undertaking dam works in accordance with a permit issued under Part 8 of the Water Management Act 1999 after 16 July 2007.

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Protected Wildlife