Restricted Plants, Plant Products and Prescribed Matter

The importation of this Plant, Plant Product or Prescribed Matter is restricted in Tasmania.

Please Note: Myrtaceae plants and plant parts are currently restricted from entry into Tasmania due to the risk presented by the fungal pathogen – Myrtle Rust.

Bark free logs and commercially dried culinary plant products (e.g. milled lemon myrtle) are exempt from this restriction.

“plant” means any organism other than an organism within the animal kingdom.

“plant product” includes: the whole or part of any flower, fruit, nut, seed, leaf, bulb, corm, tuber or stem that has been separated from a plant; and any dried plant material and timber that has been sawn or dressed.

“prescribed matter” means: any plant; any plant product; any new or used package; a vehicle; any new or used agricultural equipment; any soil; and any disease agent.

For more information, please contact

Plant Biosecurity
Phone: 1300 368 550

Myrtle Rust (MR)

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