2.12.1  A person must not import any fodder into Tasmania except in accordance with the following conditions:

I.         Under a pre-approved agreement or conditional exemption granted by DPIPWE.

II.       Pelletised feed is permitted entry for livestock feed during transport to Tasmania. Feed hay, chaff or silage of a cereal or leguminous forage crop such as oats or Lucerne may be permitted in certain instances (e.g. for horses with dietary/GIT disease history).

2.12.2  Non forage or cereal crop/general paddock straw, hay, silage and chaff:

I.         will not be accepted for livestock feed or bedding during transport to Tasmania due to the weed seed entry risk they present; and

II.       should not be used for animal transit across Bass Strait from the point of embarkation in Melbourne, Victoria. If found present on arrival, such material will be destroyed at the importers expense.

2.12.3  Other specific Import Requirements, such as IR15 may also apply, depending on both the origin and nature of the product.

2.12.4  Fodder is any hay, straw, chaff or silage used for livestock feed or bedding.

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