Restricted (special purpose) wildlife

Restricted (special purpose) wildlife means wildlife of a species specified in Schedule 6 ;

sell means sell by wholesale or retail and includes –

    (a) offer, display or expose for sale; and

    (b) keep or have in possession for sale; and

    (c) barter or exchange; and

    (d) deal in or agree to sell; and

    (e) supply, send, forward or deliver for sale or for, or in expectation of receiving, any payment or other consideration; and

    (f) authorise, cause, attempt or allow any act referred to in paragraph (a) , (b) , (c) , (d) or (e) ;40.   

Dealing in restricted (special purpose) wildlife

Except as authorised by a permit under this Part, a person must not buy, sell or have possession of any restricted (special purpose) wildlife or any product of such wildlife.

Penalty:  Fine not exceeding 100 penalty units.

For preserved, non-viable commodities, the importer must have a possession permit issued under Section 18 of the Wildlife Regulations 1999 from the Wildlife Management Branch (Contact C); and Copies of this permit must be attached to at least one container in each shipment; The importer must observe all conditions set by the permit.

Permit required to possess.

For more information, please contact

Wildlife Management Branch
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GPO Box 44
Phone: 03 6165 4305
Fax: 03 6173 0253

Restricted (special purpose) wildlife