Import Requirement 38D - Importation of Nursery Stock by Special Approval

Prior to import, a “Notice of Intention to Import Plants or Plant Products into Tasmania” must be submitted to the relevant Biosecurity Tasmania Operations Centre. Importation must occur in compliance with general Conditions and Restrictions for Prescribed Matter in Part 2 of the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania.


38D  Importation of Nursery Stock by Special Approval


I.         A person must not import, or cause to be imported, any nursery stock unless given Special Approval by the DPIPWE to do so.

NoI and consignment must show Special Approval (IR 38D) registration number.

·       Enquiries about applying for Special Approval for the purpose of IR38D can be made to Plant Biosecurity & Diagnostics Branch at

For more information, please contact

Plant Biosecurity
Phone: 1300 368 550

Blueberry Rust (BR) - Invasive Species
Boil Smut (BS)
Chickpea Blight (CB)
Citrus Canker (CC)
Declared Weeds (DW)
Fire Blight (FB)
Genetically Modified Plants (GMP)
Grape Phylloxera (GP)
Green Snail (GS)
Impatiens Downy Mildew (IDM)
Iris Yellow Spot Virus (IYSV)
Lupin Anthracnose (LA)
Mediterranean Fruit Fly (MFF)
Myrtle Rust (MR)
Onion Smut (OS)
Pea Weevil (PW)
Pepper Anthracnose (Colletotrichum capsici Syd.) (PA)
Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN)
Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF)
Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA)
Silverleaf Whitefly (SLWF)
Spiralling Whitefly (Aleurodicus dispersus Russell) (SW)
Tomato Potato Psyllid (TPP)
Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus (TYLC)

Import Requirement