Bees, Apiary Products and Used Apiary Equipment

Queen bees and escort bees may be imported provided that:

  • Queen bees and escorts have been sourced from an apiary that has an active surveillance and management plan in place for the control of small hive beetle (Aethina tumida); and
  • All cages used for the transportation of queen bees are to be new wooden cages constructed in a manner to ensure small hive beetle cannot gain entry; with one side of the cage covered by a mesh with holes less than 2mm x 2mm, allowing good visibility of the bees and candy within the cage.
  • The queen cages are to be inspected by the apiarist immediately prior to loading the queen and escort bees and must be free of small hive beetle; and
  • The queen bee and escorts are to be hand caught and inspected by the apiarist at the time they are placed in the new queen cage and are to be free of small hive beetle; and
  • Once loaded, queen bee cages are to the stored away from bee hives, packaged bees or used bee equipment and are to be transported separate from bee hives, packaged bees or used bee equipment; and
  • The outer packaging of consignment of queen bees must have a statement with letters in 28 point font or larger on a contrasting background indicating that the package contains live bees; and
  • On arrival in Tasmania the packaging and queen cages are to be inspected for evidence of small hive beetle by an Inspector. For bees coming by post this will be done at the Australia Post mail centre. If no small hive beetle is detected the package will be resealed and continue through the postal system. If small hive beetle is detected the whole consignment will be held and either destroyed under quarantine supervision or sealed and returned to the state of origin; and
  • Tasmanian beekeeper must inspect the queens for small hive beetle prior to placing them in a hive. If there is any evidence of small hive beetle the queen cages must be sealed in a plastic bag and an Inspector notified. Bees or queen cages with evidence of small hive beetles must not be placed in a hive.

Please note:

  • Substances produced or collected by bees, other than bees wax and honey comb may be imported without restriction.
  • Beeswax must have been melted and cooled.

A completed Health Certificate for the Importation of Bees and Beeswax is required.

Honey comb, used apiary equipment (includes bee suits, veils and gloves) and packaged bees may not be imported.

A completed Health Certificate for the Importation of Bees, Honey and Beeswax is required.   

For more information, please contact

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Biosecurity Operations Branch
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