Import Requirement 41 - (Fruit Fly Host Produce – Splitting and Reconsigning)

Prior to import, a ‘Notice of Intention to Import Produce into Tasmania’ must be submitted to the relevant Biosecurity Tasmania Operations Centre. Importation must occur in compliance with general Conditions and Restrictions for Prescribed Matter in Part 2 of the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania

41     Fruit Fly Host Produce – Splitting and Reconsigning

A person must not import, or cause to be imported, any fruit of a plant listed in Schedule 1A except in accordance with the following:

I.         Received, prior to splitting and reconsigning (see Explanatory Notes):

(a)    with certification which states the host produce has been grown and packed in an area free from fruit fly; or

(b)    with certification which states the host produce has been treated in accordance with a treatment method accepted by Tasmania.


II.       handled in a documented procedure that maintains traceability and reconciliation;


III.     Consigned with amended and certified copies of original certificates detailing new reconsignee and number of packages.

Consignments must be accompanied by a Plant Health Certificate or a Plant Health Assurance Certificate.

·         Splitting a consignment means sending sub-consignments to different consignees or transporting the sub-consignments to the same consignee on different vehicles;

·         Reconsigning means forwarding a whole consignment or sub-consignments to another person or business, including secondary wholesalers, after initial consignment;

·         Consignments that meet Interstate Certification Assurance (ICA) protocol ICA-17 (Splitting Consignments and Reconsigning Original Consignments of Certified Produce) satisfy this Import Requirement;

·         Consignments must also satisfy the requirements of Schedule 1B re fruit fly host secure fruit handling, storage and transport.  

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Mediterranean Fruit Fly (MFF)
Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF)

Import Requirement

ICA-17: Splitting Consignments and Reconsigning Original Consignments of Certified Produce