Import Requirement 40 - (European House Borer - Vectors)

Prior to import, a ‘Notice of Intention to Import Plants or Plant Products into Tasmania’ must be submitted to the relevant Biosecurity Tasmania Operations Centre. Importation must occur in compliance with general Conditions and Restrictions for Prescribed Matter in Part 2 of the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania

40     European House Borer - Vectors

A person must not import, or cause to be imported from Western Australia, any material1 derived from hosts of European House Borer (Hylotrupes bajulus), these being coniferous trees including Pinus species (pines), Abies species (firs), Picea species (spruces), Araucaria species, or Pseudotsuga species (oregon), except in accord with the following:

I.         TREATMENT

Host material must be either:

(a)     Subject to insecticidal preservative treatment effective against European House Borer either by vacuum pressure impregnation, dipping or spraying in compliance with Australian Standard for Preservative Treatments of Timber (AS 1604); or

(b)     Heated to achieve a core temperature of 56°C and held at that temperature for at least 30 minutes; or

(c)     Fumigated with methyl bromide2 , at normal atmospheric pressure, with fumigation monitored at 2, 4, 12 and 24 hours and the minimum concentration for those periods maintained, in accord with Table 1;


(d)     After treatment as specified in either Clause I(a), I(b), or I(c), the material must be stored and handled in a manner that minimises potential for infestation or re-infestation with European House Borer.



(a)     Pine pallets, other than new pine pallets, must be sourced from a supplier accredited under an approved pallet quality assurance scheme;



Host material must originate from European House Borer Free Area, and be stored and handled in a manner that minimises potential for infestation or re-infestation with European House Borer.

Consignments must be accompanied by a Plant Health Certificate

·         1 Material means sawn softwood timber, pine dunnage, commercial lots of pine firewood, and pine pallets, excluding pallets made from heartwood.

Products made from processed pine, and pine furniture, artefacts, craft materials or household effects are not subject to this Import Requirement; 

·         2 Host material subject to methyl bromide fumigation must have at least one physical dimension less than 200mm thick

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European House Borer (EHB)

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