Import Requirement 32 - (Canola Seed and Grain – Freedom from Genetically Modified (GM) Brassicaceae

Prior to import, a “Notice of Intention to Import Plants or Plant Products into Tasmania” must be submitted to the relevant Biosecurity Tasmania Operations Centre. Importation must occur in compliance with general Conditions and Restrictions for Prescribed Matter in Part 2 of the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania.


        32     Canola Seed and Grain – Freedom from Genetically Modified (GM) Brassicaceae           Seed

A person must not import, or cause to be imported, any canola (Brassica napus) seed and grain, except in accordance with the following:

I.          Canola seed and grain must be accompanied by a certificate or statement of analysis from an approved laboratory that adequately identifies the lot1 from which the tested sample was drawn and states that the lot has been sampled and tested in a manner approved by the DPIPWE such that a level of contamination by GM material of 0.01% would be detected with a probability of 95% and the test has returned a negative result for GM events known to have been inserted into Canola.

Consignments must be accompanied by a Plant Health Certificate.

·      1 A “lot” is a quantity of a single type of grain, physically identifiable by reference to a line of sacks, storage bin or silo number(s), container number(s) or hold number(s) of a ship, and for which a Seed Analysis Certificate/Statement can be issued.

·      Forage brassica varieties are exempt. Varietal names must be cited in NOI’s and/or Certificates.

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