General Authority - Macquarie Island Specimens

These may be imported without further restriction if they are: 

(a)   Preserved in any of the following solutions:

(i)      Methanol, ethanol, or isopropyl alcohol at a concentration of at least 70%;

(ii)    Glutaraldehyde at a minimum concentration of 2.5%;

(iii)   Formaldehyde at a concentration of at least 5%; 

(iv)   Osmium tetroxide at a minimum concentration of 1%;

(v)    Bouin's Solution;

(vi)   Steedman's Solution; 


(a)   Consigned to a place for the performance of biosecurity approved by the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture and Water Resources under the Biosecurity Act 2015; or

(b)   To be held in bond premises approved by an officer of the Biosecurity Operations Branch in the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment while awaiting shipment out of Tasmania; or

(c)   Dead invertebrates.

Biosecurity Tasmania Division

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General Authority