About TBIRD ( Tasmanian Biosecurity Import Requirements Database )

TBIRD is an interactive facility designed to help people find information related to importing goods into Tasmania. 

It is important to understand that all plants, animals, plant or animal products and all vessels, machinery and equipment must comply with the general import requirements. Some must also comply with specific import requirements.

If your TBIRD search does not provide a result, it does NOT mean that the item can be imported without restriction.

Please bear in mind that it is not possible to put the name of every plant, animal, plant or animal product or piece of machinery/equipment into the TBIRD database. So, a TBIRD search that gets no result may simply mean that TBIRD does not recognise the name you have typed in. That is why, in the event that you get no result, you are encouraged to try re-wording your search in the first instance prior to contacting Biosecurity Tasmania for further the import requirement information.

Conducting A Search

A basic search can be conducted by entering a commodity into the Search field (highlighted in the below extract) and pressing the Search button. This will search the desired criteria against known commodities loaded into the system. 

Additional Search Criteria

Users can not only Search against Import Commodities (items the wish to import) but also Import Requirements, Prohibited Import Requirements, Pest and Disease Risks and also Interstate Certification Assurance (for plant based imports). To conduct one of these searches users enter the desired criteria into the search field and select the preferred option using the relevant toggle in the search section of the page and press Search (highlighted in the below extract).

Note: When conducting an ICA Search, users are not required to enter search criteria into the search field, instead select the desired ICA from the drop list.

Search Tips

Keep it simple

While TBIRD has been designed to enable users to search a wide range of commodities using scientific terms, users are encouraged to search using generic plain language where possible. In the event that you conduct a search and do not get a result, try simplifying the search term to a plant or animal type instead of a breed or species. An example is to search for Pig instead of Angeln Saddleback (a breed of pig) although it is intended that over time the system will have a wider variety of species or breeds added to try to ensure users searches return results in the first instance.

Check your spelling

TBIRD has been designed to pick up on simple spelling errors but it is possible that the system may not understand what you are trying to search for. It is recommended that you check your spelling or simplify the search term if your search does not return a result.

Let us know what you think


We intend to continue to upgrade TBIRD, the content within the system and search tools over time to improve the experience for users, please keep an eye on the system and let us know how we are going by submitting feedback to

Something not working as you expected or you need help?

Please report any issues, we are keen to ensure that any issues are rectified as quickly as possible.

Reports can be made to:

Biosecurity Tasmania
(03) 6165 3777

Important Biosecurity Contacts

Emergency Plant Disease reporting - 1800 084 881

Emergency Animal Disease reporting -  1800 675 888

Invasive Species reporting - 1300 369 688

Fruit Fly reporting - 03 6165 3774

Department switchboard: 1300 368 550 (Local call cost, Australia-wide)