By-catch from Commonwealth waters


Animal Health Act 1995

General Authority - By-catch from Commonwealth Waters

Commodity Form(s): Live

General Authority - Vaccines and Diagnostic Reagents

Commodity Form(s): Dead

Animal Welfare Act 1993

Inland Fisheries Act 1995

The Inland Fisheries Act 1995 requires all live aquatic vertebrates and invertebrates (apart from goldfish) to have a permit from the Director of Inland Fisheries to enter Tasmania. Contact the Inland Fisheries Service for more information. All freshwater crayfish or yabby are banned by the Inland Fisheries Act 1995.

Living Marines Resources Management Act 1995

Unless otherwise authorised, a person must not bring live fish into the State.


Undefined   Allowed   Maybe allowed under certain conditions   Prohibited  

Importation may be affected by many Acts. You must ensure that you comply with every import requirement listed.